Cant sell on eBay ?

People are funny. Try and get them to buy something and it can be the oddest thing that makes them reach for their credit card.

So don't despair if that high-ticket item you've had on eBay for sale has aroused about as much interest as a Temperance Society meet on New Year's Eve.

It probably looks just as good in the photos as you think it does.

Its price is probably just as competitive as you thought when you first worked it out.

And it could still mean just as much to someone else one day as it has to you.

You just didn't describe it right, that's all.

That eBay description you sweated over past midnight? It probably explained every single thing about what you're selling, except the most important thing of all.

The more details you spelt out, the more you got in the way of a sale without realising it.

Transparency is tedious. Honesty is humdrum. That's not to say you can't use them. You have to.

But if that's all you're relying on, don't be surprised if your pride and joy remains stubbornly unsold.

Like I said, people are funny. As essential as they are, honesty and transparency aren't what gets wavering ebay customers across the finish line.

If you'd like to know what does, I have a proposal for you. It will cost you nothing if it doesn't work: if it does, then you finally turn that hard-to-shift property into hard cash.

I'm an advertising copywriter. Nothing to do with copyright or patents. I write words that make you money.

Using the right words in the right order, I work on the part of the reader's mind that gets him or her looking to buy instead of looking for reasons not to.

No lies, no tricks, no smoke and mirrors. I just help readers see beyond the lists of features and specifications, until they see themselves owning what you're selling.

If I can't lure a ready, willing and able buyer out of the woodwork in 60 days, to make an ebay bid at the price you're after, then you pay me precisely nothing.

If I can, then we split the proceeds. 95% to you and what's left to me, for anything sold between 10,000 and one million dollars, pounds or euros. If it sells for over a million, your cut rises to 99%.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you could be purring over your bank account instead of raging at your eBay page. So email me today for more details on