11 Oct

With its 32 teams having  an estimated combined worth north of $70bn, America's National Football League is not short of a bob or two.

So I struggled to believe my ears when I heard this ad for its Hall of Fame souvenir store last night.

"Open seven days a week and no admission to come and shop."

Oh wow. I get to enter your shop free of charge to spend a small fortune on what I suspect might be somewhat overpriced merchandise? Is there no end to your generosity, NFL?

Now, on second hearing this morning, I think I know what the ad is getting at -- that you don't have to buy admission to the Hall of Fame itself in order to use the shop.

That's an important point to make but I do think it needed to be spelt out more clearly. At first hearing, the impression is of a sporting cash cow so gorged on money as to have lost all grip on reality.

And you know what they say about first impressions.

Takeaway thoughts: make sure the benefits described in your own advertising are benefits in your customer's eyes, not just in yours, and for heaven's sake, make the context clear.

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