13 Oct

While the distribution media may have changed dramatically, the content of old ads can still provide valid inspiration.

Sometimes, however, you must concede that their time has gone. 

Shifting social mores have done for several of the ads featured in this collection of 20+ Brilliant Ads That Grab Your Attention With Clever Headlines And Copy. Try running that Daihatsu ad nowadays, for example...

Among them, however, this Apple Power Macintosh G3 ad simply dies of old age.

Not because the smarty-pants reader gets distracted from the sales message ("I think you'll find it's 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely', to be precise," I hear them triumphantly declare).

Not because the self-righteous in your audience get turned off by the very idea that they might be attracted to corruption.

But because two decades have elapsed since the heyday of the G3, long enough for us to see all sides of IT's brave new world. The least among us now know that even the best of these sparkly, hi-tech devices have the capacity to play silly buggers from time to time.

Which, for any copywriter who believes in the power of negative word association, means this: if your client's a computer retailer, I'm not sure the word "corrupts" gets anywhere near your first, second or ninth draft.

Let alone slap bang in the middle of the headline.

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