I'm Jeffrey Prest, freelance copywriter and proofreader.

Based in Wisbech, in the Fenland region of Cambridgeshire, I've been writing, copy editing and proofreading in the magazine industry for 20 years. I'm also an advertising copywriter.

Now I'm putting those skills to work providing professional copywriting, proofreading and editing services for businesses advertising in print or online.

Those long working hours aren't getting any shorter if you're the one who must find the words to promote your business. Some entrepreneurs love the advertising aspect, but others struggle with 'talking themselves up' or else are too close to their product or service to see it from a customer's viewpoint.

That's where I come in. A fresh pair of eyes and no pre-conceptions. Either I tidy up what you've already written or you tell me what you want to say and I come up with the most effective way to say it. Either way, your chances of clocking off in daylight have improved considerably.

And if you're wondering what some arty-farty journalist brings to the table of hard-nosed commerce (and in your shoes, I would be) ponder this. Before words were my business, I was a lawyer for 12 years, in private practice and the banking sector. Deadlines, demanding clients and 'we want it yesterday' - I faint at none of those things.

So if you've ever stared at a blank page two hours after everyone else went home and thought, "I wish I knew someone who's good with words" - relax. You do now.

Email me or call 0791 869 1450 for a no-obligation chat about how I can help you show off your business at its best.

North American visitors please note that I proofread both US- and UK-English, having written for publications on both sides of the Pond.

"So how much will this cost me, then...?"
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