I thought you'd ask. Especially now that you know you're dealing with an ex-lawyer.

Well, you can relax. Swapping an executive suite for a draughty writer's garret was a career move that was either "liberating" or "insane" depending on whether you talk to me or my wife. From your point of view, however, it makes me highly cost-effective.

  • My proofreading services come at £20 per hour, in which time I proofread 1,400 words on average. So if you know roughly how many words your document contains, you know in advance how much it will cost.
  • If you're after my copywriting service, on the other hand -- i.e. you've got the ideas but want to me to provide the words -- then here's how we play it: you and I chat so that I can get a handle on your business and how you'd like to promote it, then I weigh up what's needed and give you a quote.
  • If you accept it, that price stays the same even if I have to write two more versions before you're satisfied. If I can't make you happy in three attempts, then I walk away a broken man and you don't pay me a penny. 

After 25 years of writing for a living, I'm prepared to back my abilities. Any risks in all this are taken by me, not you.

Just don't tell my wife.