I can write it for your blog, website or magazine.

Outside of the Majors, tournament golf leaves me cold. Multi-millionaires with slightly fewer logos than a racing car do nothing for me. Nor do hi-tech adjustable drivers that look more like weapons of war.

No, the real heroes of this wonderful game are its countless playgrounds, each one as individual as a fingerprint. And I could write about them 'til the cows come home...

I'm an ex-sports writer and golf course design nut.

If a golf course has a website with decent hole maps/flyovers, I can summarise its strengths and weaknesses for your blog/website/magazine, wherever it might be.

If there are resources that I can access, I'll write a summarised history of a club and its course.

If it's in the UK or Ireland and access is available, I can also provide photographs. I write in UK- or US-English, as required.

Scroll to the section of my portfolio headed 'Golf Course Design' for three examples of what I can do.

After 25 years covering everything from football to fly fishing, golf courses are the last unscratched itch on my resume. Call me today and let me die happy. Click the email/phone icons at the top-right of the page. 

[Background image courtesy of Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau]