As an advertising copywriter, I won't just look at your sales letters or emails like an English teacher but like a salesman too. If I think "Have you thought of doing it this way?" is a valid question, I'll ask it.

When it comes to email copywriting, I don't do gimmicks, formulaic Mogadon or hard-sells so hard  that the reader hits 'delete' just to stop the pain.

Instead, I'll be the quiet, confident voice that talks to your leads, not at them. Quickly addressing those twin email-killers – “What are you selling me?” and “Why should I care?” – with compelling copy that has a simple goal. That each line makes the reader want to read the next one.

Simple, clear copy that sells empathy before it tries to sell anything else. Talking about your product or service only in terms of what it can do for the person reading about it, while gently probing those emotions that turn leads into customers. 

So if you've got a promotional idea floating around in your head but just can't find a way to put it into words, copywriting is my favourite part of the job.

I may be the only proofreader around who doesn't give you a strange look when you put a blank sheet of paper in front of him...

To get my thoughts on advertising, and maybe a feel for whether you and I are likely to 'jibe', 'mesh' or 'get along' (depending on your era) visit my blog, Thoughts on Ads.